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20 December 1976
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Ok - so this will be a bit boring right now till i get a chance but need to put some info here :-P

I'm a photographer, currently in the RI area.

What do I shoot? Well - prity much whatever anyone puts in from of me :-)

Weddings and events, Traditional portrature - familys, kids etc, Maternity ( and I would so love to find a model willing to do nude maternity shots :-) ) Theatre production shots, headshots, advertizing, comercial shooting also. Travel, landscape etc

I also do fine art stuff for fun (and profit fingers crossed :-p )
I have several projects in the planing - the 2 most promenent :
A series of erotic BSDM fine art prints
A series of nudes in yoga poses with caligraphy (if you want details just ask)

but - I always am getting tons of ideas - and I always need models ( though I cant do much in the way of compensation other than prints or trade :-( - being a starving artist is overrated)

I guess thats it for now... if you want to know more you can always ask :)