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So I was looking at the calender yesterday and suddenly realized...its only 3 weeks to Pennsic! ......yikes!...I haven't sorted out transportation to get there.  So much for getting it sorted early this year... :p

So -   anyone  looking for either a passenger/ second driver, or to be a second driver?   or if you know of someone who might be can you forward this?

The details..

I am in the Providence RI area..but don't mind driving a little bit to meet or pick someone up if taking my car. 

I am looking to go for both weeks ( not land grab necessarily though- but can if i have to)  I do however want to return on the Sunday 9th rather than the Saturday as I need to help with tear-down.  I was thinking of going the same as I did last year - driving out on the Sunday 26th - but as i said I can arrange to go earlier if that's necessary. 

I will happily share driving (automatic - cant drive stick) and petrol costs.  If its my car being used - its a VW Jetta that has more room than you'd think (theirs a reason ..ok..one of the reasons..that I named it the TARDIS mark 2) - its automatic - and i'd get it all checked up before leaving (its doing fine but I don't want to be stuck on the side of the highway have way across PA.  (trust me its not fun)

I don't have a huge amount of stuff... and some can be condensed - and some left behind ( I'll only bring my harp and/or Bow if theirs room) No tent to pack as that lives at Pennsic.

I can happily bribe with cookies (gluten free ones even),  offers of henna tattoos, and possibly even Lemonchello of i get it made on time. 

Ok..so I'm going to post this in a few places.. so I apologize if you get it more than once.

- with fingers crossed and hoping to hear from someone soon..
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16 May 2009 @ 09:38 pm
You might already have seen this... but if not..you defenatly should check this out. (its got 5 (mabe 6 - cant remember now) parts to it - and dont forget to rollover for more funny coments)


Enjoy! :)
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05 May 2009 @ 10:49 pm
Yay...finally i did it!

and really... diden't hurt...well sort of felt like something sharp draging on my skin....which doesn't really hurt.  And then for a while sort of burning like a bad sunburn...now it just sort of stings a little. 

I had originally wanted do do it in a sort of brown henna color - but the artist recommended against it as with the detail it would bleed to much. so i went with the black. 

bigger than i was originally thinking..but i like it :)   - i better as its going to be with me forever ni?  :p

So here it is  - and a link to another on flicker.


Ink! Woot!

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04 May 2009 @ 09:29 pm
so this time tomorow i will have joined the ranks of the painted people....

since i was 16 i have wanted to get a tatoo.... 16 years later.. i will finaly get one. 

(just a litle one this time... unfortunity the artist i want to do the big one i want has moved to MD... to near my brother in fact.. so that will have to wait a while)
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25 April 2009 @ 12:26 am
Ok.... so  next time i get grumpy or complainy about people reminding me to put on sunscreen, or asking if I've put any on?

you have full permissions to give me swift kick in the rear and remind me of this conversation.  (yes I am mostly directing this to my Pennsic friends :)

ow...someone pass the aloe gel.....
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22 March 2009 @ 11:37 pm
trial 3 of the great Mochi experament......  sort of worked?

its defenatly begining to take on a much more cake like texture...and it had risen in the pan when i opened the oven. 
But the center (or realy any part more then 1/2 inch in from the edge)  is more like solid custard than cake. 

hummm.... i dont know aht i could add or do difrently.... posably that baking pan for brownies that makes its all edges.  or a muffen tin - and do lots of little ones. 

it was sugested that mabe the rice flour was not fine enought..but its so fine as to be more powder than flower (i bet it would work great for Kabuki makeup)  - mabe the problem is that its to fine - when mixed with the wet ingredents it turned to a soup like consistancy... mabe thats why its more custard than cake.

I know its soposd to be just the sweet rice flour... but mabe if i substitute say a 1/4 lb  of the 1 lb with another rice flour thats a little heaver..like brown rice flour or something...  maybe that would make it more cakey?

at least this atempt is edible....
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22 March 2009 @ 09:08 pm
Take 3. 

its been in the oven 30 minutes now...smells good. 
....but then so did the others....

fingers crossed!

(the batter was realy realy liquidy...like soup..hummm.....)
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14 March 2009 @ 10:43 pm
So some of you may know.. last week my mom asked me to design something Celtic to be etched onto the top of the caskets she is ordering for herself and dad.  
(how very.. gothic of me...my saterday night spent home dedigining something to go on my parents bural caskets )

So i did up to rough designs.. here they are:

The text on them reads :  'Cad an croi a uair fhios, sí beidh choíche dearmad'
Which means (more or less - i'm waiting for a more acurate translation from my aunt)

'What the heart has once known,   it shall never forget.'

So - opinions on which one you like better, sugestions on changing it...

So as I said yesterday - the recipe I tried didn't work. But because I only had a smaller pan I still had half the mix left...

and then i found this recipe:
Mochi CakeCollapse )

Its almost exactly the same - just a few different measurements, all water instead of coconut milk, and including eggs and butter and shredded coconut.

so i thought if i half that and add it to what i already have... should work right? (maybe)

Well it came close..well closer anyway.

I didn't have the coconut, and its hard to evenly divide in half 5 eggs... and sort of going by guesswork in the amounts of ingredients (specifically in the baking powder) in the batter i had left over.

But i tried anyway. cooked it for an hour - and it defiantly looked more like it, but when i checked it right under the top was like a layer of melted butter (weird) and the middle was still very gooey and gelatinous (but looking distinctly cake like) i cooked it a while longer - until i had to go to work - then left it cooling.

So i just tried some. As i said. much closer. I do believe were on the right track. the top bits and the edges were just about right (and yummy) but the center still had a sort of ...Turkish delight...jello...sort of ..texture. but not as bad as the day before.

So i think the eggs and butter are in the right direction. Maybe the shredded coconut had more use texturewize than just taste. I shall go get more flower and try this recipe properly on Saturday again.

I'll let you know how it goes.

and i guess i should buy a bigger pan ....

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11 March 2009 @ 11:15 pm
Well - first atempt at making Mochi? Fail.

It is nothing like the mochi cake that Nissa and i got at the Japantown mall. that was defenatly more cake like - and this was more... turkish delight texture actualy.

I do have some of the mixture left that i dident cook (turns out i only had an 8x8 pan not a 9x13) so mabe i will try it with it spread mroe thin. or cook it longer or something.

alturnitly - i found some resapies that include eggs and stuff - posably this is what i need to use for something with a more cake like texture.

experaments will continue.
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