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30 March 2010 @ 10:21 pm
so lets recap today shall we?  
up early to go to work...road flooded..took detour.... moved car @10am due to danger of flooding on that side of mall....
mall security comes at 10.30 to say were closing by 11.30
..at elevin go to find car..that i parked on area with no puddles!!! ...is up over the wheels in water.....
not moveable
..... not even pushable due to a wicked undertow that almost took me down walking in it. Sean tried to move his and got it backed out of his spot and it stalled out. We were told by police their to not even bother. The waters were so high they were setting of car alarms.

abandonded car at mall, along with Seans.

waded trough the waist high waters (toxic ewaters acording to the cop.... flooded out waste treetment plant up river, and all the oil and stuff from submerged cars - took a shower as soon as i got home) to get to a driavable Rd so coworkers mom could pick us up.
Called ins..its covered but have to wait to see total damage..and also to actualy have it towed to a shot to check it out. (i can however get a rental TTGs)

kept eye on news...find out that at 2.45pm the waters in the river that caused the flooding were at 17ft...... 6 ft higher than flood level.... and 2 feet higher than the record set to weeks ago. But its not stoped. Current expectation is for it to crest at 20 ft sometime tomorow (wed) morning before tapering off.... and receding back to the 17ft level by THURSDAY afternoon. so my poor car is stuck their..likely totaly underwater by now judging by photos of the surounding roads. I dont think she will survive this.

added to this...when we left at 11.3oam we were not expecting it to get so much worse... we thought the bunnies would be ok at the sudio..and hadent any way realy to transport them out or place to take or put them. their cage is 2 ft off the ground. but by late afternoon their was a few inches of water trough the whole mall. I dont think it will raise to 2 feet inside the studio but still i'm worryed..but no one is alowed near the mall even if they could make it their. so all we can do is call untill somone at the mall picks up and ask how high the waters are and hope.

then later this evening had to run around in the rain again for an hour trying to help the nabiour catch her pitbull that had gotten out the door. at least the power that had gone out was back by the time we cought him.

on the slightly houmerious note..the photo I sent of the flood to the local paper was put up... yes my car is one of those...heres the link: http://www.projo.com/membercontent/photos/photo.html?plckPhotoID=0520d033-37cd-4828-a4ed-40e992762d2e

after all the asorted car issues the last to weeks... I'm so done. Can it be May yet? (not april...cose thats in 2 days and i'll still be dealing with all this then.)

tea. bed.
since the mall is closed at least i wont have to be up so early right? so much for all the lovely overtime i was going to be making this week. i neeeded that...especaly now! Frack.
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Matt Sandlermdsandler on March 31st, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
We have had a bunch of rain up here too. I saw one of the roads to get in my apartment was closed today. Will make the drive in interesting tomorrow.

Thankfully we're expected to have it stop tomorrow I think.

So.. is this good news about getting a new car?
rosruarosrua on March 31st, 2010 02:59 am (UTC)
one whould think so..except...how the heck i'm going to afford car payments I have no idea... that cars been paid off for 5 years now. I've had it 9 years almost now... its come to 2 near totaled accedents..and had no issues to speak of. but because of the age and the 2 accedents... if its declaired a total loss... i dont think i'd get much for it.

Matt Sandlermdsandler on March 31st, 2010 09:41 am (UTC)
Yeah, some girl totalled out my Grand Prix for me last year. I got way more from insurance that I would have got selling it.

That was cool (other than the aggravation of dealing with paperwork)