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So as many of you know i suffer from Narcolepsy... and have been on medication to control it for...8 years now. about the time I was diagnosed my Dr at the time had sugested that i might be suffering from Fibromyalga, or CFS - but she suspected the Fibromyalgia because of the pain. But first she had to rule out other issues - so when the sleep study came back as having narcolepsy...they stoped looking... and while i think she might have continued the search for answers - right at that time my DR moved and i had to get a new one...who wasent as open minded and unwilling to see if their were other things wrong also.

Today i found this article - this drug is used to treat Narcolepsy ( its not the one i'm on however) and is being tested - and proving that its good at helping relive the pain and fatigue of Fibromyalgia.

I think this is somthing i will have to bring up with my Dr...and hope that i can find a DR that actualy listens to me.

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